About PRP

PRP Papers Inc. is a paper roll manufacturer and a roll and sheet custom converter that provides personalized customer-specific or standard paper and paper-related products and services.

Our job is to create products and render services that provide solutions to meet the highest demands expected from the largest to the smallest of users of paper-related items. We look forward to hearing from you to see if we can be at your service! Read More


Our expertise allows us to provide you with specialty paper products to facilitate your day-to-day functions and transactions in a seamless manner so you can focus on what's important for you and that is to take care of your core business!

Leave the details to us and we will make sure your products will comply with the strictest requirements needed for today's technologically-oriented business machines and equipment whether for industrial, commercial, retail or other uses and applications! Read More


Our many years of experience have taught us to focus on what is most important to you! We can custom make or convert materials to meet your desired requirements and at the same time satisfy your concerns about the environment!

Our emphasis is to stand by our service commitment to ensure you that you are highly satisfied and well-served so that you can concentrate on your operations and not have to deal with inferior products and/or services that lack the quality and attention that we put into our everyday product and service offering! Read More